About  Shreckhise Nurseries

The Shreckhise family’s roots in the nursery industry date back to the late 1800s, when Noah Shreckhise (pictured top right) founded Augusta Nurseries.  The nursery was located on the family farm in Augusta County, Virginia near the community of Mt. Sidney.  In 1935, three of his nephews, George, Charles, and John Shreckhise formed a partnership called Shreckhise Brothers.  They started numerous business ventures including nursery production and landscaping.  Plants were grown on the same farm used by their Uncle Noah.  Landscaping was predominately done in Augusta and Rockingham counties with an occasional job as far away as Washington, DC.

In 1961, the nursery was moved to its current location in Rockingham County.  As production increased, the nursery began to wholesale plants to local garden centers and landscape contractors.  Wholesaling became a major part of the business by the early 1970s.  

In 1977, the next generation, including Danny Shreckhise, purchased the business.  Shortly thereafter, nursery production became the primary focus.  The first basket grown trees were potted in 1980.  Now, virtually all of our plants are grown in containers.


The fourth generation of the Shreckhise family has now joined the business.

Proud Members of:

Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association

West  Virginia  Nursery and Landscape Association

Virginia Agribusiness Council

Southern Nursery Association


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